The Tahitian cultured pearl comes from the turquoise lagoons in French Polynesia, the idyllic archipelago in the Southern Pacific Ocean. Born in the heart of the famous Pinctada Margaritifera pearl oyster, the Tahitian cultured pearl comes in a variety of colors and shapes. With first class luster and orient, the Tahitian pearl is one of the most beautiful jewels in the world. The best jewelers worldwide particularly appreciate these so soughtafter gems, which have been able to win the heart of millions of women with their infinite beauty.


The Pinctada Margaritifera oyster or Tahitian pearl oyster is cultivated in special farms. Pearl beads are obtained through a long and complex process consisting of a transplantation into the pearl oyster when it has reached maturity. The graft consists of a small pearl bead - called nucleus, and a small part of the oyster’s lip both introduced into the pearl sac of the mollusk; the mollusk then reacts by secreting concentric layers of nacre to protect itself. The desired bead size will be obtained after a 24-month period.

Tahitian pearls come in a multitude of colors and shapes. Shapes include round, semiround, oval or baroque and teardrop for some pieces. Because they are so rare - only 2% of the production, perfectly round shaped Tahitian pearls are the nec plus ultra in the pearling industry. Even though the diameter of a Tahitian pearl can sometimes reach up to 17mm, it usually measures 8-13mm.

In short

With its size, luster and diversity of color, the Tahitian pearl differs from other varieties of cultured pearls.