How to choose your Tahitian pearl

Selecting the Tahitian pearl that is made for you is a delicate operation often requiring professional assistance. We will assist you in your choice by providing you with many tips and useful information before completing your purchase.

Luster, diameter, shape and surface are the four criteria to take into account when evaluating a pearl.

The four criteria for evaluating a Tahitian pearl: 


The quality and thickness of the nacre determine the luster of a pearl. Therefore, gems increase in value according to the intensity of brilliance.


The millimeter is the unit commonly used to measure the diameter of the pearl. The average pearl diameter ranges from 8 to 13 mm. Pearls also increase in value according to their diameter.


Generally, Tahitian pearls are spherical or perfectly spherical, oval, teardrop-shaped or baroque. Perfectly spherical pearls are extremely rare, that is the reason why they are also the most expensive. The more perfectly round the pearl, the higher its market price.


Pearls whose surface has no imperfections at all are extremely rare. The surface area of a pearl is usually covered with tiny asperities and inequalities, which determine its classification. The most expensive specimens are obviously those with the least amount of imperfections. The lowest rated pearls are those withdefects over more than two thirds of their surface.

The quality we offer  

The creation of the jewelry featured on our site requires that we only select high quality top gem-grade AAA natural color Tahitian pearls in order to provide the highest level of quality  and ensure extended life, durable shine and beauty of your pearls over the years.